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Article by Liu, X. W.
Article by Li, Q. S.
Article by Ruan, L. G.
Article by Han, W.
Article by Chen, D. J.
Article by Ge, M.
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Isolation and identification on the metabolites from Amycolatopsis orientalis fermentation
1 College of Life Science and Technology Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang 110016 ; 2 Shanghai Health Creation Center for Biopharmaeeutieal~ R��D, Shanghai 200240 3 Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, Shanghai 200040

Three minor components named LYV091x01, LYV091x02 and LYV091x03 were for the first time obtained from the Amycolatopsis orientalis fermentation broth. Conditions suitable for producing LYV091x01 and LYV091x02 were determined based on proper loading volume of fermentation flasks. Another minor component LYV091x03 was enriched by means of the hydrolysate of vancomyein. Several adsorptive resins of different types were tested, among which resin AB-8 was chosen for the primary separation, followed by the combination of medium-pressure LC and HPLC preparations. A new isoflavone compound was obtained, which is elucidated as 4H-1-Benzopyran-4-one, 5,7-[ ��6-deoxy-L-mannopyranosyl�� oxy] -3- ��4-hydroxyphenyl��. The physical and chemical properties and the activity in vitro of these compounds are also preliminary studied.

Keywords: Amycolatopsis orientalis    Fermentation    Hydrolysis    Isoflavone    Separation  
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DOI: 1001-8689��2009��11-0654-05


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