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Article by Gao, Y. X.
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Dissolution of iovastatin in capsules by HPLC
The Institute for Drug Control of HeBei Province, Shijiazhuang 050011

Objective To establish an HPLC method for the dissolution of lovastatin in capsules, and results after inspection of many sample batches of lovastatin capsules in the country. Methods The method of dissolution was apparatus 1, the medium was phosphate buffer containing 2% sodium lauryl sulfate. And the chromatographic condition of column was Alhech C18, the mobile phase was acetonitrile -0.01% phosphoric acid ��60�� 40�� , the wavelength of UV detector was 238nm. Results The standard curve of lovastatin was linear �� r = 0.9999 �� in the range from 4.88 to 195. 2μg/ml, and the average recovery of capsules was 97.5% ��n = 9��. Nineteen batches of sample of seven factories were detected using this method , and the average of dissolution of six batches of three factories were below 70%. Conclusion The method is accurate , highly specific and widely applicable. Through the investigation of the samples from the whole country, it is shown that the proposed method can be applicable to all the samples and effectively control the quality of product.

Keywords: Lovastatin    Dissolution     HPLC    Capsules  
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DOI: 1001-8689��2009��11-0678-06

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